Artwork & Editing Services:
INDIVIDUAL DIGITAL ARTWORKprices vary by request/time of artwork requested.
Head/eye switching, Airbrushing, Reduce wrinkles, soften fine lines
look thinner, remove blemishes, stray hairs, remove eye glasses, braces, Special Artistic effects & designs, add text to photo, Photo restoration (beginning from $5+ per image/per person). 
Complete retouch: $5.00+/image
•Removal of facial glare/shine
•Stray hairs
•Fill in thinning hair
•Skin blemishes
•Spots in background
•Whitening of teeth and eyes
•Image exposure
•Reduce shadow
•Spot Coloring (all B&W except 1 object)
Complete plus: $15.00+/image
•Braces removal
•Eyeglass glare removal
•Head swap
•Opening eyes
•Extending the background
•Moderate Lens Flare/Hot Spots
•Background removal (solid color replacement)
Special Services: $25.00+/Image
•Change color of clothing
•Background Change (new background image)
•Add or remove people
•Remove buildings, cars, etc.
•Extreme Lens Flare
•Take off 10 years, 20 lbs. etc.
•Anything not covered by complete or complete plus
Printed Proofs of Artwork: are not inclusive in service prices.
4x6" Proof $7.99 (includes  ground standard shipping)
After: Fixed Bow Tie, Clean up
left side and top right side, removed carpet line.
  • Eye & Skin enhancements,
  • brighten eyes,
  • add white to catch light in pupil,
  • deepen eye liner, eyebrows,
  • smooth and soften skin complection,
  • soften dry elbow patch,
  • sculpt waist, enlarge breasts and buttocks,
  • add color to lips,
  • remove cellulite from thigh
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